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Who is Amanda?

Great question.

There are a lot of answers, but here are some highlights:


I'm passionate about doing work that helps others and I want to leverage design - especially design research and service design - to do so.

I think the best work is done when passionate people with an array of experiences and viewpoints join together with open minds and a readiness to get their hands dirty.

I’m currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in Engineering Design Innovation at Northwestern University. I enjoy learning something new every day and I'm grateful to be collaborating with a cohort of wildly talented peers. I expect to graduate in Spring 2024.

I spent four years in the idyllic Green Mountains of Vermont at Middlebury College, and in 2015, I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics & Psychology. I loved the intersection of these two fields; I wanted to understand not only what people did, but why they did it - and this curiosity serves me well today when conducting user interviews!


After college, I moved to Boston, MA and worked at Fidelity Investments as a data analyst for more than six years before starting grad school.

In my free time, I’m likely to be found:

  • corralling five-year olds while coaching them in rec sports

  • mulling over a New York Times crossword clue

  • learning to play squash (despite an impressive lack of hand-eye coordination)

  • cheering on the NY Giants

  • visiting Mickey in Disney World

  • searching for that last piece of the jigsaw puzzle



That's far from everything. Want to learn more? Just say hi!

Amanda and a statue of Eli Manning
Amanda at a table, smiling
Amanda playing basketball with a small child
Amanda and Elizabeth finishing a 10k
Amanda in Animal Kingdom
Amanda pushing two small dogs in a stroller
Amanda in front of a Route 66 mural
Amanda painting
Amanda and Gram at Middlebury graduation
Amanda on the High Line
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